I put a cycle of things around the precious tag in Demihumans‘s Halfling playbook. The first part is found in the Halfling’s accoutrement (gear) section:


You get:
— Miscellany worth 3-gold, detail now or later
— 2 halfling weapons; choose below
— Raiment suited to your station, culture, and taste, including, at your option, a piece worth 1-armor (describe)
— A bauble or bit of jewelry that’s deeply precious to you (covert, precious, valuable); describe and say why it’s precious to you


Note well the precious tag, Halfling player. Something that is precious is the most important thing you own. You value it above all other possessions. Throughout your playbook, you will see the word “precious” used several times. It always has this meaning of an object of unsurpassing importance to the person who owns it.

The other examples are found in moves:


When you get time to speak intimately with someone, you can make him give up something precious to him or overlook something he shouldn’t. Roll+Resplendent and, for Demiurge characters, on a hit, he is tricked. On a 10+ he leaves satisfied; on a 7-9, he will resent it. For Company members, on a hit, if his player chooses for him to be tricked, he may mark experience. On a miss, the Demiurge may choose to have deception turn against you, now or in time.



Note well the word precious. As mentioned in your accoutrement, what you convince your victim to give up will be the thing most-important to him in the world. You cannot know what that will be. It may be that he will need to go elsewhere to bring it to you, or bring you to it.

Demiurge, do not be miserly or hard-hearted. It may be clear that the Halfling is trying to get a particular thing. Unless it violates what has been established about the character or makes the Fallen Age seem unreal, let the player be your hero and accommodate his clear desire.


Neighborhood connections

When you call in favors or ask for help from the people you know in the enclave, roll+Resplendent. Then, on a 10+, choose 2. On a 7-9, choose 1, but it will cost you dearly if you do:

— Obtain evidence that supports a scheme of blackmail
— Have someone cowed by threats or delivered physical insult
— Have something delivered to the authorities
— Find where someone is
— Turn up a
precious or forbidden thing

On a miss, the Demiurge may have your connections turn against you, now or in time.



Finally, a precious thing is, again, something that matters more to someone than anything else in the world. One could imagine the Halfling choosing this option should he lose his precious accoutrement, or to find something that means everything to another.



When you hide from scrutiny or pursuit, say how you make yourself unseen—and distract attention, if necessary—and roll+Serene. Then, on a 10+, you can find a safe place to lie low, or move on without notice. On a 7-9, you manage it, but it’s done in a panic: you’re safe if you stay still but if you choose to leave you leave something precious to you behind or take something with you you don’t want to have hanging around; the Demiurge decides. On a miss, the Demiurge may turn stealth against you, now or in time.


“Taking something” with you can be a variety of things; in addition to objects, it could be you take harm with you or even a person. For that matter, “leaving something,” is not necessarily limited to objects, either.

Note that if you leave something precious behind, Halfling player, it is likely your precious accoutrement. If you do not have that any longer, work with the Demiurge to figure out which thing (or person, or circumstance) is now most precious to you that will be left behind.

So there it is. It’s a lot of effort to put in to put a goofy reference, but I really love it. I can’t quite say why.