From time to time, I will do a post about a move I’m working on changing the details of. In particular, I originally wrote many of these moves intending that all of the rules questions that might arrive from it should be answered in the move’s text. However, since, I’ve been going back through these moves and offloading some of the finer points of the rules into “elaborations” after the text of each move. This is allowing me to get rid of some language and make my incredibly-cramped playtest playbooks less cramped.

Today I’m focusing on a move for the Gnome that allows her to change shape. In its original form I had some confusing language about what to do in a miss. In this rewrite, I’ve clarified a lot:

Polymorphic corpus (Roll+Effulgent)

You can change your body into that of any natural beast, plant, mineral, or another one of the peoples native to this world. Roll+Effulgent and your body becomes that form of life or mineral. On a 10+, choose 3, on a 7-9, choose 2, on a miss, choose 1.

You remember who you are; otherwise, you forget, and take on new instincts.
You can change back at your whim; otherwise, you are stuck in this form.
You can become someone specific.

On a miss, the Demiurge will return return to yourself in body and mind at a time of her choosing. After you have once become something, you gain +1 forward for the next time you interact with a being of that type.


Demiurge, ask the Gnome: How can people tell you’re not what you appear to be? Who knows how? Is he the only one?

Usually, you should return the Gnome to her form during the tale. Only keep the Gnome changed so long as it is interesting, and make sure to check in with the Gnome’s player if you are not certain that she is enjoying herself. If you wish to extend the change beyond a tale, you may only do so with the expressed and enthusiastic consent of the Gnome’s player.

Sound good? Want to play a Gnome? Want to playtest the game on your own? Let me know. I’d be happy to support you. You can take a look at the basic kit and get started as soon as you want!