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Bloor is a very strange creature made of fungus and the things that fungus is currently eating. When we meet Bloor (Bloor is genderless and Bloor’s pronoun is Bloor), Bloor has been digesting a stag. Bloor also has a corvid-bird that lives in the eyehole of whatever skull Bloor is wearing. The fungus that makes up most of Bloor’s corpus is also edible, intoxicating, healing, and psychedelic. So that bird is a real weirdo.

  • Bloor is disinterested in many things, including other members of Bloor’s people.
  • Bloor maintains the basic fundamental shape of a “sheet ghost” no matter what Bloor’s body is currently composed of.
  • Bloor has been alive since the Golden Age and feels things are pretty much the same as then, but Bloor finds the animals now more interesting.
  • Bloor carries a giant piece of sharpened bone and has crude armor made up of the hide and harder parts of the meat Bloor is currently digesting.
  • Trolls reproduce by budding (we think)
  • Stuff from Gnosis & Legacy:
    • Nob’s cousin, Deagol, was trying to sell parts of Bloor’s body as drugs and screwed it up, getting them both in trouble.
    • Nob is terrified of Bloor, but overcame it. He needed to work with Bloor as a civil servant, and learned over time to overcome his terror.
    • Shalan was disappointed at Bloor’s reaction to him showing Bloor the Next World.
    • Bloor nonetheless fits like a hand in glove with Shalan.
    • Halflings have civilization in their bones, which makes it hard for trolls to understand them.
    • Halflings have trouble understanding trolls because they’re disgusting piles of goo

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