A picture of Bunk Moreland, because it’s hard to find pictures of black halflings

Shiriff Nob’s family is called the Morelands. They get by in the enclave by acting as its security force, but they also engage in a lot of activity deemed criminal by the human Empire. Here’s some stuff I know about him. I’ll add more as I learn more. And, below, you can see the history of his playbooks.

  • Addiction and recklessness bedevil the Moreland family
  • His home is armed and welcoming
  • He’s not the head of household, that’s his Ma Thorn
  • He’s the sort of guy who’d work very hard to stop an evil fucker from hurting people, but who wouldn’t see the need to report all of the haul he got from taking her in; that’s my take
  • Stuff from Gnosis
    • Nob has a daughter, Lily, and she looks up to Shalan Bluestar the Elf. Nob is happy with this arrangement, and it seems to be well-founded, as Lily dotes on Shalan.
    • Nob’s cousin Deagol was trying to sell parts of Bloor the Troll as drugs and screwed it up somehow, getting both he and the troll into trouble with the authorities
    • Shalan is training Nob on how to take care of the surrounding wilderness as well as he does Anarcaima’s borders proper.
    • Nob is terrified of Bloor, but is still friends with Bloor. Nob’s job required that he make efforts to overcome this innate fear of Bloor to work with Bloor, and once that difficulty was passed, he got over the initial fear.
    • Halflings have a hard time understanding trolls because they’re disgusting piles of goo and rot and they tend to find that off-putting.

Nob is played by Judd Karlman, game designer, blogger, and podcaster extraordinaire. I’m lucky to have him as a friend for so long and it means so much to me to get to play this game with him.

Nob’s playbooks

Here are the playbooks Nob has had, starting with his most-recent: