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Here’s the first character-focus post. While you can look at Shalan’s playbook history, below, I’m going to talk about some of the other stuff I have on him. And I intend to update this page as I learn more.

  • Shalan’s main function and service to the enclave is patrolling the mountainside that the shelf of Anarcaima is perched upon. He scouts the wilderness and protects the people. He’s quiet and grim. By his creator’s words: “Shalan is very much like his father. Stern, taciturn, honorable.”
  • Shalan never knew his mother, Telanav. She succumbed to Weariness. We haven’t decided whether it was some other event, or if it was postpartum.
  • His baby wyvern, Callamil, is the last of her breed. The Order of Steel and Air, of which he’s the last member, were an order of wyvern riders. Wyverns were an experiment by dragons and are about as smart as monkeys. Callamil is always trying to hunt the corvid that lives in Bloor the Troll’s eye socket. The bird thinks they’re playing.
  • Stuff that came out of Gnosis questions:
    • Nob the Halfling’s daughter, Lily, looks up to Shalan and Nob approves.
    • Shalan has shared a vision of the Next World with Bloor the Troll and was disappointed by how he reacted.
    • Shalan is mentoring Nob the Halfling on how to keep the wilderness safe, as he already is pretty good at keeping the enclave safe within its walls. Nob appreciates the way he’s being trained, rather than stifling under it.
    • Bloor the Troll fits with Shalan like a hand in glove.
  • Elves are nocturnal

I’m so excited to get to know Shalan better. Tom is super-excited about this game and I’m so happy. Demihumans is a pretty close to 100% overlap Venn diagram of our interests in fantasy. In fact, I’m flattered to say that Tom said this game gives him exactly what he wants from a fantasy RPG. I’m so honored that someone I’m so close to and who’s so fucking smart and cool is on board with me for the first saga of this game I’ve ever run.

Shalan’s playbooks

Here are the playbooks that Shalan has had, starting with the most-recent: